After the first research conference in 2021, the German Society for Paramedic Sciences decided that this event will take place annually in the future. This decision was accompanied by a name change. The “Symposium zur Förderung der Wissenschaft im Rettungswesen” becomes the Forum Rettungswissenschaften.

The forum provides the opportunity for networking and the exchange of current scientific findings relating to paramedicine and paramedic science. With the 2. Forum Rettungswissenschaften, the international nature of research is taken into account to make English-language submissions possible.

2. Forum Rettungswissenschaften will take place on April 2nd and 3rd, 2022 in Würzburg.

The “Rettungswissenschaften” is the German-speaking counterpart to paramedicine, paramedic science or paramedical science from the English-speaking area. They are the reservoir for research around the profession of paramedics and their actions and research focusing on the ambulance service through other scientific disciplines.

In order to take this multidisciplinarity into account, we understand the 2. Forum Rettungswissenschaften as an extremely open event. Researchers of every discipline and every level are called upon to submit their findings to or via paramedic science to share them with the paramedicine community. Whether humanities, social, economic, health, or medical science, whether an empirical project in paramedic school, bachelor’s or master’s thesis, Ph.D., funded or free research project, everyone will have the space to participate in and present at 2. Forum Rettungswissenschaften.

To be able to organize the 2. Forum Rettungswissenschaften to gain knowledge for all involved, we depend on relevant submissions and interested participants. We look forward to your participation in this form of scientific exchange about paramedicine and paramedic science.